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BTA Kid’s Run 2024

Kids Run 2024

Run 300m

8-9 years
Run 600m

Run 800m

Run 1.2km


Race Rules:

Race tactics are part of the interaction between competitors.

Competitors will:

  1. Practice good sportsmanship at all times;
  2. Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others;
  3. Obey traffic regulations and instructions from race marshals/volunteers;
  4. Treat other competitors, marshals, volunteers, and spectators with respect and courtesy;
  5. Avoid the use of abusive language;
  6. Inform the Head Referee after withdrawing from the race.
  7. Compete without receiving assistance other than from event marshals;
  8. Not dispose rubbish or equipment around the course except at clearly identified places, such as water stop.
  9. Not attempt to gain unfair advantage from any external vehicle or object;
  10. Follow the prescribed course.

Competitors must not use or wear:

  • Artificial propulsion devices;
  • Mobile phone(s) or any other electronic listening communication device;

Competitors will:

  1. Run or walk;
  2. Wear and have clearly visible the official race number, facing forward;
  3. Not crawl;
  4. Follow the prescribed run course.
  5. Not dispose of litter on the course, unless in specified littering zones provided by the Marshals
  6. Illegal Equipment:
    • Headphone(s) and headset(s), mobile phones or any other electronic listening communication device;
    • Personal video recording devices;


  • Finisher gets Medals
  • 3 Top Winners of Boys and Girls get special colored medals
The 6-7 Years old ticket sales has ended!
The 8-9 Years old ticket sales has ended!
The 10-11 Years old ticket sales has ended!
The 12-15 Years old ticket sales has ended!


Feb 23 2024


6:00 am - 8:00 am


BHD 8.000


Bahrain Sailing Club
Bahrain Triathlon Association (BTA)


Bahrain Triathlon Association (BTA)
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